Studio Policies

​If at any time throughout the year, you or your dancer has a question or a concern, we strongly encourage you to speak directly with us.  This will however require you to leave a message at the front desk.  We ask that you please do not disrupt instructors while they are teaching.  Should you use class time to discuss a concern you will be charged a disruption fee.  We also ask, out of respect for instructors, that you only use the studio phone number (780.987.4066) and not their home numbers, unless it is an emergency.  If you have a questions email is also an option.  If you would like to express a concern please do not send an angry email we ask that in this situation you please take 24 hours to sleep on the issue and then please make a phone call to us.
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Newsletters & Notes
Once a month we do up a newsletter to keep parents informed of all the activities and events in the school.  This is our main source of communication throughout the year.  Newsletters are posted on our website and then we notify parent that it is up online via email.  If you do not have access to the internet we also post a copy on the bulletin board.  We encourage parents to come into the studio on a regular basis to read notices on the bulletin boards.  
Parent Watch
A minimum of two times a year family and friends are invited to come and watch the entire dance class.  These dates for the new season will be announced in September.  During all other times of the season you will not be allowed to watch the instruction.  It is the instructors decision as to whether or not they have the curtains open on the French Doors into the studio, please respect their decision.

At Devon School of Dance we stress regular attendance in all classes.  If your dancer is ill and not able to come to watch class please call the studio at 780.987.4066 to let the instructor know.  Please note that if the dancer misses class, the work that is completed on the routine is his/her responsibility to learn.  This is best accomplished by making arrangements with another student before class to learn what was taught.  It is not the responsibility of the instructor to re-teach any work.  There are no refunds given for absences.  Perfect attendance awards are given at the end of the season for those students who have not missed any of their regular classes or performances this includes the finale rehearsals.  Dancers must dance each class in order to achieve this award, watching/viewing because the dancer is sick will disqualify them.  (missing more than 20mins of a class will be counted as an absent) 

Cancellation Of Classes
If there is insufficient registration in a class, it may be cancelled and/or substituted.  For new classes developing a minimum of 6 dancers will need to be registered for a class to proceed.

Please note that we schedule your 32 dance classes throughout 37/38 weeks, incase one lesson needs to be cancelled (ie: weather conditions).  Participation at festival and picture night will count as one of your regular scheduled classes.

We ask that if your dancer is bringing a snack to the studio that it be a healthy snack – this will help them have the energy to dance their hearts out – we ask that you please do not bring any snacks that have NUTS in them as we have students with severe allergies.

Withdrawal From The School
To withdraw from the school a two-week (14 day) written notice must be received.  If written notification is not received on time, the next month’s fees will be processed.  If notice is given in time your May fees as well as any post-dated cheques, providing your account is up to date, will be returned.  There will be no refund or discount for missed classes.  The withdrawal policy is strictly enforced.  (festival fees are only refunded when their is a physical injury-many festivals will only refund for group routines and some do not issue refunds at all)  For all recreational classes there is no refund once classes have begun.

Dismissal From The School
If at any time a parent/student uses inappropriate language or behaviour your family may be dismissed from Devon School of Dance.  If this situation arises you will be refunded any money where classes have not been rendered, as well as post-dated cheques that have been submitted – this is provided that your account is up-to-date and that no money is left outstanding for the dancers costume(s).

Fundraising & Costumes:  
All costumes will be made by a seamstress or ordered from a catalogue.  The cost of all costumes is the responsibility of the parents.  All costumes will be decided upon before Christmas break.  Should you withdraw from the school after November 1st you are responsible for the cost of your dancer’s costume(s).  Costumes will range from $50.00 - $70.00 for Future Stars (ages 3 – 5) and from $70.00 and up for dancers 6 years and older.  Dancers at an Intermediate Level and part of the competitive division can expect their costumes to start at $120.00 and range from $170.00 if they are custom made by a seamstress.

Parents Association (DSODPA):
Every family registered in DSOD is asked to be a member of the association.  A small fee may be in effect.  In the past Devon School of Dance Parents Association has provided assistance with the cost of costumes through fundraising efforts.  Please note that fundraising is optional and is not a must to be a part of the association.  A general meeting will be planned for August/September and we ask that at least one parent from each family attend.  During this time, the Association will discuss the year’s activities.  At any time during the year should you have any questions about the fundraising we ask that you please contact a member of the association directly (there is a contact list on the bulletin board) as DSODPA is completely separate from the studio. It is so very important to have everyone involved in the association in order for it to be a success!!

Video Cameras & Photography:  
Whenever we perform in a theatre there will be absolutely no cameras or video cameras allowed, this includes cell phones.  Even if it’s not in the rules of the festivals and competitions we ask you do not video tape or take pictures of any type.  The reason for no video cameras is so that we always have an undisturbed theatre experience and in the case of festivals it’s so that people do not copy choreography or so that we will not be accused of copying anyone’s choreography.  More importantly it is now a safety and privacy issue!!

Pictures will be done once costumes are complete and will be taken at a professional photography studio or at the dance studio.  Please understand that your time at picture night will be counted as one of your scheduled classes.  Instructors will be present to pose your dancers and therefore it is only fair that they are compensated for their time and travel costs.  You do not have to purchase pictures, but we do ask that you come anyways so that we have complete group pictures.

In the event that a group wins a scholarship the money will be used first to purchase a trophy, plaque or pin for each participant, and surplus funds will be put towards other activities involving dance (workshops, out of town events, year end party etc.).  If a soloist, duet wins a scholarship the money is theirs to keep.

10 Week Programs
All participants must have a appropriate footwear for the class as outlined by the studio.  Once the session begins all program fees are non-refundable.  Participants are required to pay a yearly registration fee of $42.00 (plus gst) in addition to the program fee.  

A dance/studio waiver must be signed by each family before taking part in any program.
*all registration fees & September fees are non-refundable, summer camp fees are non-refundable as of June 1st.

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