​This program has a focus on fun.  Dancers who are looking for a less serious side of dance should choose this option.  It's a great place for a new dancer to try the art of dance without having to commit to an entire season.   

These dancers will simply come to class once a week per discipline to learn technique as well as a short routine to show parents.   This program will not require you to purchase set dance wear however proper shoes will be must for safety reasons.  (please see the “dress code” tab for more information).  There will be no costume costs for these classes and no performing opportunities.  These dancers are dancing just for fun and exercise.  

Recreational Classes run in 10 week sessions and are 45minutes in length.

Cost for the ten week session is:     $157.50
Registration Fee (once a year) is:   $  42.00
All class fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.  After the first 2 weeks of class no refunds will be issued.  DSOD reserves the right to cancel the classes should there be low enrollment, in which case all funds would be returned.

Session I
September 16th - November 18th

Session II
January 13th - March 17th

Recreational Jazz 

Saturdays 945am - 1030am
Ages 6 - 9 years

These classes do not follow a set syllabus as styles and techniques are forever changing.  Our instructors attend workshops and conventions on a regular basis in order to offer students the current trends and knowledge of the discipline.  All classes will consist of a warm up, stretching (to work on flexibility), across the floor movements as well as a dance combination in the center.  This discipline will be very upbeat and very high energy.
Recreational Ballet

Saturdays 900am - 945am
Ages 6 - 9 years

These dancers will follow the world recognized syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.).  Founded in 1920 and now operating in some 50 countries it has grown to be the largest most influenced public examining body for classical ballet in the world.  These dancers will study ballet basics at the barre and across the floor.  Dancers will also have the opportunity to learn a combination in the center.

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