​Welcome to the Future Stars Department -
this program is for our very youngest dancers and offers an excellent introduction to the 
art of dance.  All Future Star classes focus on learning basic 
dance techniques and most importantly having FUN.   

At this young age we try to introduce the dancers to many different disciplines so that when they turn 6 years of age it is easier to determine which program/disciplines to continue with.  Performing is such an important part of dance as it helps to build the dancers confidence.  In the future stars department we introduce 2 smaller performance opportunities (both the Christmas Show & Strawberry Tea are held in town at the community hall) and then 2 stage opportunities (both held at the MacEwan University in Edmonton).   This program runs for the entire dance season (September - May) and all classes run once a week.  Please see the “class schedule” tab for days/times of each class.

Throughout the season there will be information posted on this page to communicate directly with our Future Star Families, please check back on a regular basis to make sure you are up to date on all of the happenings at the studio.  If at anytime you have any questions please ask as communication is the key to success.
Jelly Beans (3yrs of Age) $35.70/month
    Ballet & Creative Movement
    Length: 30 minutes
Jelly Beans is an great introduction to dance.  During this 30 minute class our young dancers will learn the very basics of ballet.  Instruction is done through creative movement exercises and games.  Dancers also learn basic transition steps (skips and gallops are examples).  At this very young age this is a great opportunity for students to learn to interact with children their own age.
Munchkins (4yrs of Age) $46.20/month
    Tap & Ballet    
     Length: 45 minutes
This class gives the dancer the opportunity to learn tap as well as ballet.  At this age dancers will learn basic tap techniques and will follow a set syllabus. (including work at the barre and in the centre).  The other half of the class will focus on ballet.  Students will begin to learn ballet technique and terminology through creative movement exercises.
KinderKool  (5yrs of Age) $46.20/month
    Tap, Jazz & Ballet
    Length 45 minutes
This is an exciting year for dancers as they will be exposed to all three disciplines: tap, jazz and ballet.  During the first half of the year dancers will study tap and ballet.  The tap work will continue to follow a set syllabus.  Exercises will be instructed at the barre, in the center and across the floor.  In ballet the students will learn basic technique as well as basic terminology.  For the second half of the season dancers will continue working on tap and will now study jazz in place of ballet.  They will learn basic jazz techniques including exercises at centre floor and across the floor.  This is a great way for dancers to be exposed to different types of music and movement.  We hope it will also aid in deciding which classes to register in at the age of six.

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