We are curretnly heading into our 25th season in operation.  To register please contact us directly at kim@devondance.com


In order to have a high quality of dance training students must first register in ballet, then are welcome to add other disciplines if desired.  Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms and is needed for posture, turnout and most of all, strength. 

The younger dancers (classes I/II/III, IV) will follow the world recognized syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D.).  Founded in 1920 and now operating in some 50 countries it has grown to be the largest most influenced public examining body for classical ballet in the world.  The balance of the ballet department will follow the Vaganova Tehnique, this method is a Russian Style of ballet.  In the Vaganova method, the dancers bring attention to their hands, and upper body – giving the dancer more of a full body work out.  In the Vaganova method the exercises for each level are not set like they are for the RAD system, each teacher choreographs his or her own class according to guidelines given to them and the students dance that class in their examinations.  It is the Vaganova method that forms the core of the program at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. 

Demi-Pointe / Pointe
This ballet technique class will focus on strength of the ankles.  Dancers will work primarily at the barre working to build ankle strength with the goal of one dance being strong enough to go up onto pointe.  Dancers must be a minimum of 10 years of age for this class and once the instructor feels they are strong enough she will move them onto pointe.

These classes will follow the Al Gilbert Syllabus, a leading authority on graded tap techniques for over 40 years.  His techniques begin with basic, preparatory steps and then progresses by easy stages to more complex variations.  Each grade (1-9) includes exercises at the barre and at centre floor, combinations as well as complete dances.  The rhythm and break down of tap technique throughout this syllabus is second to none.  Tap dancing techniques are a great way to help dancers acquire confidence.  

These classes do not follow a set syllabus as styles and techniques are forever changing.  Our instructors attend workshops and conventions on a regular basis in order to offer students the current trends and knowledge of the discipline.  All classes will consist of a warm up, stretching (to work on flexibility), across the floor movements as well as a dance routine for festival.  It is suggested that those students who have studied jazz for a few years also take stretch and turns & jumps to help advance their technique.

Combining the techniques of jazz and the strength of ballet lyrical allows the dancer to express themselves through fluid movement.  This discipline teaches dancers to sustain movements and begin to feel dance through music.  In the past this discipline has been taught through an extra festival routine, with a one time fee.  In order to register for this class the student must be taking ballet (a minimum of 2 years of dance training) and jazz (a minimum of 2 year of dance training), the dancer must also be a minimum of 10 years of age.  This class will be done outside of the regular weekly schedule.

Turns And  Jumps
This class gives dancers an opportunity to work on their jazz technique all year.  As we move closer into festivals the majority of jazz class is spent working on a dance routine therefore Turns & Jumps provides the dancer with the chance to perfect old steps as well as learn new ones.  There are no festivals or costume costs with this class it is strictly a technique class.  Once a dancer reaches the intermediate level Turns & Jumps is essential for continued growth in their jazz technique.

Stretch And Strength
Flexibility as a dancer is a must.  This class allows the dancer a chance to work on just that.  The majority of the class will be spent at centre floor working on improving the dancer’s flexibility.  This class is open to everyone, including parents!!  

Musical Theatre
This discipline is a combination of singing, acting and dance – a triple threat.  Dancers of all ages and levels will work together as a group to prepare a routine.  This is an excellent opportunity for the dancers to let loose and have fun on stage.  Most themes/songs for these routines are pulled from movies or Broadway Musicals.  NEW this year our Musical Theatre class will be run as an extra performing group with a one time fee - it will not have a regular spot in our weekly schedule.


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