The Competitive Program is for those dancers aged 6 years and older.  This option of dance will be more serious and will focus on giving the dancers a strong dance education.  While the competitive program is a lot of fun with the performance opportunities and fancy costuming we ask that before choosing this option the family please consider the following guidelines of the program:
  • dancers must be in ballet
  • stretch and turns & jumps (from a Junior level and higher)
  • dancers will only be allowed to miss a total of 3 classes per season (after this they may be moved to the recreational program)
  • dancers are requested to attend a 1 week summer camp at our school in August (please see the Summer Camp Tab) 
  • should a dancer be away (other than illness) February – May they will need to find a dancer at at higher level to “sub” in for them in class, this way the sub can teach the dancer what they missed - it will be the responsibility of the dancer who is going to be away to have pre-approval from the studio and to set everything up
  • all groups will attend 3 - 4 festivals a year as well as 1 competition (this may mean that the dancer will have to miss a 1/2 day of school each time they perform)
  • this program allows dancers to perform in extra groups, travel groups as well as solos and duets should they choose
  • these dancers must have the outlined festival makeup and any hair accessories that the instructor requests
  • these dancers must have the stated festival tights and shoes for each routine as requested by the instructor
  • Christmas Show (for younger dancers) (costume costs $15 maximum)
  • Strawberry Tea (ballet department) (dancers wear dress  code requirements)
  • Year End Recital (all dancers)

Please note the following conditions to the disciplines:
  • lyrical (must be in both jazz and ballet)
  • musical theatre (must be in jazz as well as musical theatre)
  • contemporary (must be in both ballet and jazz)

Dancers of the competitive division will be expected to work to the best of their ability each and every class.  The tone of the classes will be more serious with a focus on improvement and advancement to the next level.  Dancers of this division must choose dance as a priority and should another activity conflict with a dance schedule, our dance program must come first.  Dancers will be placed together based on their ability more than age, experience and body type.  

For costume costs and monthly fees please contact Miss Kim by email:
During the festival season your dancer's group will be identified as the following:
Jelly Beans - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Munchkins - Rock 'n' Roll
Kinderkool - Born To Be Alive
Beginner Ballet - Spread Your Wings
Junior Ballet - Soaring Together
Intermediate Ballet - Paranoia
Senior Ballet - Canastera
Beginner Jazz - Bubblez
Junior Jazz - Be My Girl
Intermediate Jazz - Let's Do It
Senior Jazz - Work It
Junior Tap - Together Forever
Intermediate Tap - Cat Groove
Senior Tap - No Good
Lyrical I - Listen
Lyrical II - Give Me Your Hand
Contemporary - Silence
Festival Locations:
Standing Ovation: Dow Centennial Center, Fort Sasaktchewan
Dare to Dream Festival - MacEwan University City Centre Campus, Edmonton
Shy-Ann Dance Festival - MacEwan University City Centre Campus, Edmonton
Dare to Dream Festival/Competition - MacEwan University City Centre Campus, Edmonton

Standing Ovation
April 5th - 8th
Shy Ann Dance Festival
April 18th - 24th
Dare to Dream Dance Festival
April 26th - 28th
Dare to Dream Dance Festival
May 12th & 13th

  1. Title 10
  2. Title 11
  3. Title 12
  4. Title 13
  5. Title 14
  6. Title 15
  7. Title 16
  8. Title 17